Legal Agreements

It's a fact of life that a few legal agreements are required by any website such as this to protect itself and the people who contribute content. This page indexes the agreements used by Black Belt Coder.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service agreement governs your use of this site. Use of this site is conditioned on your acceptance of these terms.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy explains data collection and use practices of the Black Belt Coder website

Contributor Agreement

The Contributor Agreement is an agreement between Black Belt Coder and authors who contribute articles, source code and/or other content to this site.

End-User Licenses

End-User Licenses are agreements between authors who contribute articles and other content, and the end users who download that content. These agreements are provided to protect the authors and define how the downloads can be used.

We list a number of such licenses on this site. Each time you submit an article, you choose which end-user license is to be associated with that article and related downloads. If you want to use a license that is not listed on this site, please contact us.