Submitting Articles to Black Belt Coder

If you have some cool code that you are willing to share, we'd love to feature it on Black Belt Coder. Submit an article and become part of a new developer website.

Having your article appear on Black Belt Coder is not only a great way to help others, it also gives you exposure on the Web as an expert. In addition, each of your articles will link to your Black Belt Coder profile, which can link to and promote anything you like. As we promote the Black Belt Coder website in the coming months and years, we will also be promoting the authors featured on our site.

At Black Belt Coder, our emphasis is on the code. We particularly like code that employs algorithms or new technologies to solve practical, real-world problems. If you just have some cool code, we can even help with the article and make sure it looks good on our site.


We want to keep things as simple as possible when you submit an article. As long as we like your source code, we will work with you to ensure your article looks good on our site. So please don't get bogged down with formalities. Feel free to contact us with any ideas you'd like to discuss.

Here are our step-by-step instructions:

  1. Make sure you agree to the terms set forth in our Contributor Agreement.
  2. Compress the following items into a ZIP file. Include any files that would help the reader, but please remove nonessential files to prevent your downloads from becoming unnecessarily large.
    1. Article Text
      We prefer articles submitted in a plain text format. You can use our article template as a starting point for your article. If you want special control over how your article's text is translated to HTML, our system supports special tags for controlling this. You can refer to our IMS documentation for more information.
    2. Source Code (Recommended)
      Our readers prefer articles with downloadable source code. You may want to include multiple downloads that include demonstration projects, library projects, tools, etc. Please compress files for each project into their own ZIP file.
    3. Screenshots (Recommended)
      Articles tend to be more interesting when they include one or more screenshots that show the code in action. Images also convey information at a glance that helps the reader decide if they want to read your article. JPG images are preferred.
    4. ReadMe.txt (Optional)
      If you would like to include additional information such as instructions on using the code, ammendments to the source code license you've chosen, information about yourself, or anything else, you can include it in a ReadMe.txt file.
  3. Send the ZIP files as an attachment to submit@blackbeltcoder.com.

Please note that Black Belt Coder reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any submitted article.