6 Free E-Books and Tutorials on HTML5

Posted on Saturday, June 4, 2011
News Articles » 6 Free E-Books and Tutorials on HTML5

Although it will probably be a while until HTML5 has been fully defined, and implemented by all major browsers, there are good reasons to get up to speed with HTML5 now.

New browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome are already supporting large parts of HTML5. So if you find yourself feeling a little out of touch with this new standard, perhaps now is a good time to get started.

HTML5 adds new markup elements and attributes designed to address the needs of modern websites. For example, it has specialized tags such as <nav> and <footer> to define common blocks previously defined with generic <div> tags. It also has new elements specifically for multimedia such as <audio> and <video> instead of <object>.

ReadWriteHack has posted the article 6 Free E-Books and Tutorials on HTML5. This should be a great source to get you started with the latest version of HTML.

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