jsFiddle: A Playground for Developers

Posted on Saturday, September 24, 2011
News Articles » jsFiddle: A Playground for Developers

I just ran across a pretty cool site. http://jsFiddle.net bills itself as a playground for developers.

This site provides an online editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript snippets, which you can then run to instantly see the resulting appearance. It's an excellent tool for anyone wanting to learn or experiment with web markup. You can choose from a variety of jQuery versions and other frameworks, which you can then access from your JavaScript.

In addition to being a great way to play around with various markup tricks, it's also an excellent way to share HTML, CSS, and JavaScript snippets, whether you are showing someone how to accomplish something, or are showing some markup that you'd like to get help with.

It includes the ability to annote your markup. Just send someone the link, and they can see your code, the result, and your comments.

This site is already becoming quite popular on sites like stackoverflow.com as a tool to share markup snippets. But I think it's a great tool for just experimenting with.