Welcome to the Black Belt Coder Website!

Posted on Thursday, November 4, 2010
News Articles » Welcome to the Black Belt Coder Website!

Black Belt Coder is a brand new website that provides authoritative developer articles and source code. We plan to get the site up on the Internet over the next couple of months.

As we do, we will begin to add content. This content will come from many sources including, we hope, from the developer community. If you have an authoritative article with source code, please submit it to our site.

When you submit an article to Black Belt Coder, all our efforts over the next several years to promote the site will also promote you! By featuring your articles, with a link to your profile, which may contain links to your website and blog, an article will increase your online visibility and let others know about your expertise. As development of this site continues, we will look for additional ways to promote and reward contributing authors.

The Black Belt Coder Team