Jonathan Wood

Description:I'm a software/website developer working out of the greater Salt Lake City area in Utah. I've developed many websites including Black Belt Coder, Insider Articles, and others.

I hike each week with my dogs Suki and Sasha. You can see my hiking blog at Hiking Salt Lake.
Time Zone:Mountain Standard Time


Creating Downloadable Content Dynamically
Your users may find it helpful if they can download your site's content so they can load it into applications like Microsoft Excel. But how can you create that downloadable content if your data is coming from a database? Here's a simple way to accomplish this.
By Jonathan Wood • Created on Sunday, January 23, 2011
Dynamically Populating Controls using AJAX
This article demonstrates how to populate a control from JavaScript by calling a server-side method. The server-side method returns the data (from a database or anywhere else), which the JavaScript uses to populate the control.
By Jonathan Wood • Created on Saturday, July 2, 2011
A Text Parsing Helper Class
If you need to write code that parses text, this helper class can make things easier for you.
By Jonathan Wood • Created on Thursday, December 23, 2010
Phonetic String Comparison with Soundex
This article describes the Soundex and Metaphone algorithms, which can be used to perform phonetic (sound-alike) comparisons of strings.
By Jonathan Wood • Created on Friday, January 14, 2011
MFC Hex Editor Control
This article presents MFC code for a hex editor control, designed to be placed on a dialog box.
By Jonathan Wood • Created on Thursday, December 30, 2010
Programmatically Resizing an Image
The .NET frameworks make it easy to resize an image programmatically. Here are some routines I used on a website to process avatars uploaded by users.
By Jonathan Wood • Created on Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Easy Full-Text Search Queries
SQL Server's Full-Text Search offers a powerful and efficient way to search your data. However, the Full-Text Search syntax can be rather cryptic, especially for unsuspecting users. Here's a class that will convert simple search queries into valid Full-Text Search queries.
By Jonathan Wood • Updated on Sunday, March 25, 2012
Non-Rectangular Splash Screen for WinForms
A splash screen is a window that displays copyright information while your application initializes itself. This article presents code for a non-rectangular splash screen using WinForms.
By Jonathan Wood • Created on Wednesday, March 23, 2011
ColorPicker Controls for WinForms
Here are four different color-picker controls you can use in your WinForms projects. Two can be placed directly on a form. Two can be placed in a ToolStrip.
By Jonathan Wood • Created on Tuesday, February 22, 2011
C# Payment Calculator
Here's a simple C# class that will calculate your monthly payment for a given loan.
By Jonathan Wood • Created on Sunday, June 29, 2014
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